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Smart Ticketing & Access Control

Digital Payments
Access Control

Nextgen’s Smart Ticketing & Access Control system is a fully automated, user friendly, flexible and versatile solution for park / event ticketing. Flexible configuration capabilities for venue setup / pricing / bundling / visitor type / visiting hours including hourly capacities lets any park / event manager create customised packages for parks, events and festivals.

A powerful service management lets you update / change and reconfigure the ticketing setup on-the-fly and publish the offerings immediately / programmed for future publishing. Integrated as a mobile / online / offline ticketing solution, the platform combines contactless / QR code ticketing solutions into a single offering.

Add ons’ include :

  • Parking / merchant payments and bus rides
  • Local stored wallets integrated into the ticket for upgrades / instant purchases / unplanned payments
  • Gate operations – flap barriers / turnstile operations

And of course our service and support for upgrades and grow as you choose.

The Ticketing Solution

The Nextgen ticketing system is highly flexible and versatile and offers:

  • Single / multiple venues / bundled ticketing
  • Categorized for visitor type – adult, child, senior, veteran, special categories etc.
  • Single, couple, family & group ticketing
  • Differential packages for days / week
  • Pre-purchased tickets or pay as you go – configurable for each venue
  • Weekday, weekend & holiday tariffs
  • Day / week / month / year pass
  • Packaged with F&B, Parking, Rides
  • Staff discounts / free passes
  • Cancellation policy implementation

Digital Payments

The system offers multiple digital payment options tightly and securely integrated with the core ticketing system. Some of these are:

  • Credit / debit / prepaid / stored value cards via Kiosks / payment gateways / counter sales for web / mobile app ticketing
  • Mobile wallets integrated with the system
  • Cancellation policy-based automated refunds enabled

Access Control

Controlled Gates at each venue are configured to read Contactless cards / QR ticketing, validation and authorising entry. Ticketing can be :

  • Individual / group
  • By visitor type
  • Limited to slot / venue capacity – Pre-purchased or instant

And you give your customised requirements, we will help you out.

In Summary :




  • Handles 500k+ visitors a month
  • Multiple visitor types – differential pricing
  • Multiple venues and events bundling
  • Venue time slot-based booking available
  • Ticketing on offline / Online / Kiosk and Mobile app
  • Marketing / ticketing / payment partner on-boarding capable
  • Venue + merchant + stays – bundled into a single ticket
  • Upgrade / add value / add venue anytime – ticket counter / online / mobile