Helping build a digital ecosystem with everyday financial services brought under a single umbrella of a secure, convenient and an integrated life.

Secure Banking on Feature Phones

Salient features and capabilities :

  • Integrated and Interoperable across services
  • Device / Network and OS agnostic
  • 100% digital, Future Proof
  • Banking Grade Security
  • Encrypted transactions on any bearer including SMS
  • Low cost

Our Products

Bringing disruptive creativity and technology innovation to customers, bridging gaps in existing services and targeted to the masses to reach the last mile. Including both legs of transactions – customer and merchant / agent, we help you bridge the digital gap on financial inclusion/digital payments/transit and more.

Secure Banking on Feature Phones by Nextgen Telesolutions

Secure Banking on Feature Phones

“Mulah”, our secure mobile financial inclusion service enabling platform...

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TapNPay on Any Mobile Phone by Nextgen Telesolutions

TapNPay on Any Mobile Phone

A revolutionary and disruptive offering, integrated and interoperable fo...

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NFC Readers - Transit and Retail by Nextgen Telesolutions

NFC Readers - Transit and Retail

Secure payments to the masses enabling a contact-less and cash-less ecos...

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Merchant POS / mPOS Solutions by Nextgen Telesolutions

Merchant POS / mPOS Solutions

An integrated and new design of an mPOS / POS terminal offering exceptio...

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Mobile Couponing by Nextgen Telesolutions

Mobile Couponing

An innovative M-Couponing / Loyalty application working on very basic of...

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Our Solutions

A Smarter Smart City

A true "Smarter Smart City" solution, 100% digital, future proof incorpo...

Digital Toll Management Systems

Transportation has always been backbone of any economy. Efficiencies her...

Automatic Fare Collection Systems (AFCS)

A single integrated offering on Metro / Bus ticketing and toll / parking...

Parking Management Systems

Our fully automated and 100% digital solution for parking services using...

Smart City Application

EMV compliant
ISO 14443 / 7816 compliant

3DES Encryption

Smart and feature

Adds Non NFC to any mobile
feature phones

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