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A Smarter Smart City

A Smarter Smart City by Nextgen Telesolutions
A true "Smarter Smart City" solution, 100% digital, future proof incorporating technologies to take customers, operators and fincancial services to the next level of service experience. hosted on any mobile device, it includes cards, banking, wallets, money transfers, bill and utility payments, merchant payments and more into a single integrated and an inter-operable platform.
Payment capabilities include transit / retail / online, all integrated into a single user service enabling platform, and delviered as a global first and overcoming service limitations and deficiencies in existing services for Smart Cities. Current Smart City Financial solutions are built around the regular payment cards / plastic cards and POS terminals, with multiple limitations:
 i. Transit is not a seamless integration  ii. It’s a combination of online / mobile and POS enabled services  iii. Customer inconvenience / multiple service points / un-secured and limitations in service bouquet
Our Smarter Smart City financial services ecosystem built around a smart microSD card, EMV / DESFire / MiFare certified and NFC capabilities, enables an integrated / inter-operable offering across transit / banking / payments / money transfers / Secure ID / access control and more into a single offering.

Core Capabilities

Our offering as a unified ecosystem, for the entire service envelope of everyday services and achieving a future proof, 100% Digital, mobile hosted, secure, integrated and an interoperable service envelope across multiple verticals, enhances customer convenience, operational and management costs and more….

The core strength includes enabling TapNPay / contactless into any mobile device ( NFC or non-NFC) and this extends to handling transit and retail payments and secureID + access control.

A Global First.... !!!

The Edge

Go 100% Digital....

  - Future proof
  - Secure
  - Integrated
  - interoperable

Across all services.