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Payments today are an integrated part in every aspect of life. The digital payments landscape is ever evolving and NextGen is in forefront of developing & deploying innovative, disruptive & differentiated payment solutions focusing on simplifying the user experience and adding to security. Our Future POS, in partnership with Soft Space of Malaysia, is an enhanced SoftPOS contactless payments solution using NFC enabled mobile phones instead of expensive & cumbersome traditional POS terminals. Future POS targets customers and merchants and is a cost effective and an all-inclusive platform making payments smoother, simpler, safer, and secure. The NextGen Future POS platform can bring in deep integration with merchant billing systems and corporate systems simplifying and integrating corporate expense management & controls

Disrupting Merchant / M-Commerce Payments

Being a part of the disruptions in payments globally, we at NextGen are working to…

  • Enable contactless M-commerce in-app payments on customer handsets
  • Integrate cards and QR payments
    • Reduce cost of transactions
    • Combining QR with contactless payments
    • Include payment transaction data fields into transaction logs for individuals / corporates
  • Optimise cost of merchant acquiring / expanding bank card transactions:
    • COTS Android NFC mobile / tablet to accept contactless payments
    • Making payments safer, smoother, and simpler
    • Lowering MDR for merchants – “card present” transaction Vs “card not present”
    • Payment VAT / GST integrations with the corporate accounting systems

NextGen SoftPOS Solution

The Nextgen SoftPOS enables acceptance of EMV contactless card payments on COTS smartphones & tablets and provides an optimised merchant acquiring environment over the traditional POS terminals

Challenges faced with traditional POS systems:
  • Capital intensive physical deployments, replacements and upgrades
  • High Installation, support, and maintenance costs
  • Limited interoperability with modern payment solutions

The Future POS disruption :
  • Future proof and upgradable
  • Integrated with the next generation payment channels
  • Low capex & opex costs
  • Remote servicing & upgrades

Going digital – Merchant and Customer
  • Existing COTS devices, NFC android devices

Optimal solution…. Go NFC + QR
  • Secure / remotely managed / future proof
  • Extend to multiple offerings


The NextGen Edge
  • One step ahead of competition always
  • Build a solution focusing on Core IP / scheme certifications and integrating the two
  • Certifications - Visa / MasterCard / JCB /AMEX / Union Pay / RuPay
  • Unique merchant and a customer in-app payment solution
  • Combined with QR merchant payments

Feature Traditional POS NextGen SoftPOS
POS Terminal H/W required Yes No
Scalability Low High
Mobility limited Full - anywhere
Opex High Low
Use cases Limited Multiple - mobile force, SMEs, transit, parking, and quick check outs
Merchant on-boarding Cumbersome & costly Easy, remote & low cost
Terminal setup & maintenance High Low
Terminal flexibility Low High


Merchants – PoS Upgrade
  • NFC card acceptance on android mobile devices
  • Secure QR presentation on the same mobile device
  • Integrate with billing POS – invoice / tax / payment details

The NextGen Edge
  • Traditional POS terminals are not NFC capable
  • Bring in SoftPOS - POS on NFC mobile phone
  • Low capex / opex on SoftPOS terminals
  • No consumables costs - paper rolls
  • 100% remote management / future proof / upgradable
  • Secure & encrypted QR transactions
  • Merchant presents QR with transaction details
  • Customer scans – effects payments using Bank / Card / wallet account
  • QR can include VAT / corporate expense management interfaces


  • Card hosting - HCE enabled or bank card on micro SD card
  • Secure EMV certified / Adds NFC to customer device
  • QR reading capability
  • Extend to expense management solutions

The NextGen Edge
  • Go 100% digital / Future proof / Expandable

The smart MicroSD card
  • Adds NFC to any non-NFC mobile
  • Secure element – host card on the mobile
  • Remotely manage cards on the mobile – add / upgrade delete
  • Dynamic / encrypted transactional data parameters


  • In-app M-Commerce payment
  • The Merchant POS upgrade
  • Integrated transaction managment



Corporate Expense Management

VAT / GST / merchant invoice integrated services :

  • Issue Corporate / individual cards on the mobile (SD card)
  • Integrate with corporate accounting software
  • Manage expenses direct from the app / web
  • Reduce corporate expense management costs
  • Post expenses direct to corporate accounts software
  • Capture data field like Inv#, date, time & Tax rate etc., and classify expense head online
  • Analyze and monitor employee spend patterns
  • Real-time analytics

The NextGen Edge

Convert a payment gateway transaction to card present transaction

  • Lower MDR
  • Faster payments
  • Low on capex / opex
  • Quick deployment
  • The first for SPoC certification / PoG ready


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