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TapNPay on Any Mobile Phone by Nextgen Telesolutions TapNPay on Any Mobile Phone

TapNPay on Any Mobile Phone by Nextgen Telesolutions A revolutionary and disruptive offering, integrated and interoperable for a simplified banking, financial and contactless transit payments experience from ANY mobile device and bringing in unbeatable customer value and acceptability to a Smarter Smart City offering. Enabling a new generation of contactless payments, riding on a secure microSD card – DESFire and EMV certified with an inbuilt NFC module, this also help convert any non-NFC mobile (smart / feature) into a secure NFC device


• QR Codes
• Bio metrics

Core Capabilities

a. Faster GTM
 o Easily integrated with other systems, plug-and-play
 o Easy customization
 o Quick turnaround

b. Technology Agnostic
 o Future-proof leveraging multiple technologies - NFC, QR Codes, biometrics
 o Support for both proximity and remote purchases for a compelling user experience

c. Customized solution
 o Multiple transit services on a single card
 o Remote updates on cards / Value add

The Edge

• Standard microSD card – 8/16/32 GB
• EMV (L1 / L2) certified and DESFire certified
• Works on any phone with SD slot (Feature / Smart)
• Adds secure NFC capability to the device - devices with no NFC become “secure” NFC compatible
• Future Proof - 100% digital card hosting - multiple EMV and Transit cards
• Online top up / add / delete - stored value EMV and transit cards
• Handle QR code based merchant payments.