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Secure Banking on Feature Phones by Nextgen Telesolutions Secure Banking on Feature Phones

Secure Banking on Feature Phones by Nextgen Telesolutions “Mulah”, our secure mobile financial inclusion service enabling platform, to help launch and grow mobile service offerings for the emerging markets. It’s based on a Secure SIM Overlay micro controller chip, affixed over a regular SIM card, enabling a simple to use, multi-language, menu based service offerings on :  Banking  • Wallets  • Bill and utility payments  • Top-up services  • Merchant Payments including QR code integration  • Money transfers and more…. In a single integrated and an inter-operable service offering, focusing on multiple user segments – rural, semi urban and the urban segments, which today is missing out on the digital financial revolution. Major strength here is the simplicity, low capex / opex and the capability to work on any mobile device and on any bearer across all service verticals.

Core Capabilities

• Banking grade security / encryption
• End-to-End encryption and multi-factor authentication
• Device / MNO independent
• SMS / USSD or data bearers
• Low capex / opex
• User-friendly usage
• Serving both end of the transaction legs – customers and merchants / agency banking

The Edge

Services enabled

 • Mobile Banking
 • Mobile Wallets
 • Top Up
 • Bill and Utility Payments
 • Money Transfers
 • Merchant Payments