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Mobile VAS Solutions by Nextgen Telesolutions Mobile VAS Solutions

MMS Services :
 Advanced MMS user services
 Comprehensive platform linked to Mobile Genie (CMS)
 Multiple content upload – videos/audios/images
 Complete package for MMS composers, MMS in / out / sent messages
 Multiple sending options
 Public and private content libraries supports
 Protocols supported – MM1 / MM4 and MM7

SMS Routers:
 Process short code and keyword related traffic
 Multiple SMSC’s / throttling / routing / premium charging / re-seller accounts
 Comprehensive MIS
 Traffic view window / Blacklist users
 Premium billing options
 Integrated SMS management gateway
 SMPP / CIMD / SS7 support

MMS Routers:
 Multiple MMSC’s / routing / throttling / multiple accounts / premium charging
 Support for:
 MMBox / Library
 MMS composers
 Bulk MMS push
 MMS Blogging
 MMS advertising services

DSTK / STK Services:
 Support for Gemalto / Smart Trust platforms

Integrated services:
 Byte code development / SIM Vendor co-ordination / Testing
 Platform management / Campaigns / network integration

 Content / downloads
 Recommendation engine / Subscription engine
 Premium charging