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Mobile VAS Solutions - SDP and Components by Nextgen Telesolutions Mobile VAS Solutions - SDP and Components

Focus Drives Excellence.NextGen Telesolutions Pvt. Ltd. has been focused on providing smart card & mobile service based offerings to customers and partners worldwide. Our passion for innovation, business and service creation has enabled us stay on top of the heap of competition, managing services and application support services globally.

SDP and the Components
The Mobile Genie:
 Content Management – SMS / USSD / GPRS / 3G / Voice / RBT
 Portal Management – GPRS / 3G / SMS and USSD
 Retailing digital media – cross platform
 On Device Portals – multi bearer
 OMA 1.0 and 2.0 compliant DRM capability
 Multiple languages / currencies / price points
 Subscription services – flexible, multiple packages
 Discount and Rating capability
 Buddy lists, loyalty points and redemption
 Gifting / Recommendation engine
 MIS – revenues, downloads, traffic, and devices
 Multiple billing options to the services.

Online Charging Gateways:
 Direct credit / debit with the Billing interface
 Multiple billing systems on a single gateway
 Centralized Customer Care
 Revenue reports
 2G, 2.5G and 3G support
 Flexible Rating engine
 Subscription services
 Multiple delivery options – Direct Delivery or Confirmation of Delivery (COD)
 Credit reversal
 Individual content download tracking
 Multiple protocol support – Diameter / IACC / UCIP and more

Cell Broadcast Centers:
 Integrated Subscription engine
 GIS Map integration
 Interactive service management GIO
 Configuration / Scheduling / mapping
 Intensive reporting
 Nokia / Ericsson / ZTE and Huawei network support
 External API’s

The Campaign Manager:
 Extensive GUI Service creation / management interface
 Connection to multiple DB’s -Oracle / SQL / SQL Server
 Multiple filtering criteria
 Schedule filtering criteria
 DND Filtering
 Text / Binary push support
 Link to external feed sources – SMS / GPRS / 3G
 SMS gateway integration – short code / keyword
 Campaign scheduling / re-scheduling
 MIS :Devices / MSISDN / traffic And more….

AD Serving Engines:
 Remote Campaign management capability
 Upload / Schedule / MIS
 Campaign configuration
 Multiple Accounts
 Multiple languages / WAP and the Web store fronts
 Customization campaign to each store front
 Sequencing ad banner placement
 Page set-up / user profiling / ad banner rating
 Landing page for ads
 MIS reports
 Devices / Campaigns / CTR’s / CPM

Rating Engines:
 Rating capability- Events, User Profiles
 Unlimited rating criteria
 Multi platform support
 Service bundles creation
 Blend new service with existing one
 Multi-hierarchy account relationship support
 Multiple languages / currencies / tax rates
 Ad Landing Page Management

 Additional Monetization for Advertisers, collect information associated with marketing needs
 Customized Subscriber landing pages after clicking on an Ad
 Attractive GUI based page designing options
 Forms / information presentation / content downloads
 Premium billing integration possible
 Device portal rendering engine included
 Comprehensive MIS

Subscription Engines:
 Push / Pull based services support
 2G, 2.5G and 3G services support
 Integration with billing engine/API
 Integrated Customer Care feature
 SMS/WAP push or WAP access capability
 Flexible pricing capability
 Subscription packs- single and combo
 Auto renewal capability